Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal beats up some eggcellent omelettes for ME, one for each day of the week!

The perfect omelette
My idea of the perfect omelette is one that is crispy gold on the bottom and moist and soft but fully cooked on top. Aim to use two eggs per person, the fresher the better. Depending on the kind of omelette you plan to make, the number of eggs required will vary. A plain or herb omelette will need only two eggs, but heavier or stuffed omelettes that incorporate larger ingredients such as sausages or chunky vegetables require 3 to 4 eggs.

The size of the pan also matters. Small pans are good for thick, spongy omelettes but not for thin, folded ones. If the pan is too large, the eggs will spread out and become dry. For a 2- or 3-egg omelette, the base should measure 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter.

For a plain omelette, break eggs into a bowl. Season with salt and freshly milled pepper. Blend gently with a large fork. I recommend cooking the egg mixture with a blend of equal measures of oil and butter. Place the pan on the heat and let it get quite hot. Add butter and oil. As soon as it melts, swirl them round, tilting the pan so that the base and the sides get coated. Turn the heat up to its highest setting. When the butter starts foaming, pour the eggs into the pan, tilting it to and fro to spread evenly over the base. Leave it on the heat without moving it for a count of five. At this point a bubbly frill should form around the edge. Lower the flame and leave to set until just a small amount of liquid egg is left in the centre of your omelette. If you are doing a plain or herb omelette just leave it to cook through. Otherwise, add stuffing, fold edges over and leave for 2 minutes till stuffing has warmed through. Keep in mind that omelettes continue to cook on the plate, so serve immediately. However at the end of the day, “as everybody knows, there is only one infallible recipe for the perfect omelette: your own.” — Elizabeth David (1913-1992)

Upgrade a simple omelette to a:

* Cheese omelette. Just add about 40 g of grated cheese to two beaten eggs, gently combined with a fork.

* Herb omelette. Add finely chopped herbs, green onions, spinach, and chillies into 2 beaten eggs. Mix well.

* Stuffed omelette. Combine chillies and onions with some cooked meat or seafood. Mix well. Place stuffing in the centre of the omelette, and either fold into a half circle, or bring the edges together in the middle, or roll into a cylinder. Peppers, olives, mushrooms, crabmeat, boiled or leftover chicken, all make great stuffing.

As everybody knows, there is only one infallible recipe for the perfect omelette: your own.
— Elizabeth David (1913-1992)

Miniature Omelette Stack with Sour Cream, Green Garlic Dip and Sautéed Mushrooms Serves 2 Time: 20 minutes

4 eggs, beaten with salt
3 tbsp oil

6-8 large mushrooms, sliced fine

1/4 cup cream

1 tsp tartar sauce

1/4 cup green garlic, chopped fine

Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan. Add mushrooms. Sauté until done. Set aside. Combine cream, tartar sauce and green garlic in another bowl. Set aside. Rub oil on the inside of 5 small flat bowls or katoris and place in a large pan. Fill pan with water halfway up the sides of bowls, place on flame. Once water is boiling vigorously, pour 2 tbsp beaten egg into each bowl. Cook until set. Ease them onto a plate. You need 5 mini omelettes per stack so you should have 10 in all to serve 2.

To assemble: Place a mini omelette in the centre of a plate. Spread a little sour cream on top. Arrange a little sautéed mushrooms over the cream. Cover with second omelette. Repeat till fifth omelette. Dab a dollop of cream on the topmost omelette. Garnish with a slice of mushroom. Sprinkle green garlic. Serve.

Sausage and Red Chilli Frittata Serves 2 Time: 45 minutes

This omelette is inspired by the chorizo sausage omelette. Goan sausages make an excellent substitute, but locally available sausages or frankfurters will also do. You could serve this omelette for brunch with good bread, butter and a green salad.

4 eggs, beaten with salt
1-2 tbsp oil
4-5 big red pickling chillies, sliced into 1/2 cm thick slices
2-3 sausages, sliced into 1/2 cm thick slices
Chilli flakes for garnish

Heat oil in a frying pan. Add beaten egg. Quickly arrange sliced sausages and chillies in the still uncooked eggs. Scatter them or get creative by alternating them in circles. Cook on a low flame. Sprinkle with chilli flakes. Serve.

* Chorizo is a chilli and garlic flavoured sausage. Originally derived from the Spanish sausage of the same name, it has evolved over the years to be distinctly Mexican. In Mexico, chorizo is commonly made of pork, but also of young goat, venison, occasionally beef, or where meat is scarce, just about anything available.

Salami and pickled tendli stuffed omelette
Time 15 mins plus marinating time for the pickle Serves 2

For the Tendli pickle
½ c tendli juliennes
½ c onion sliced
¼ c green chillies sliced fine
½ c lemon juice
1 tbsp salt
Combine everything in a bowl and allow to stand for ½ hour. Leftovers will last in the fridge for up to a week.

For the omelette
4 eggs, beaten with salt
1 - 2 Tbsp Oil
¼ c Salami juliennes
¼ c Tendli pickle
1 red pepper or red chilli juliennes
½ c grated cheese
In a bowl combine the Salami, Tendli pickle, cheese and chilli and toss well. Heat oil in a frying pan and pour in the beaten egg. Turn flame to lowest and cook till almost set. Place the filling down the middle and allow 2 mins. to cook. Fold opposite sides over filling, slide onto plate and serve.

Carrot and Celery omelette with Mustard sauce
Time 15 mins Serves 2

4 eggs, beaten with salt
1 - 2 Tbsp Oil
½ c Celery sliced fine.
½ c Carrot grated

For the Mustard sauce
2 tsp cheese spread
2 tsp Mustard
2 tbsp milk

In a bowl combine the carrot and celery and mix well. Add the egg and mix well again. Heat oil in a frying pan and pour egg mixture in. Turn flame down to lowest and cook till set. Serve with mustard sauce. For the Mustard sauce. Combine all the ingredients and mix till well incorporated.

Green Garlic and coriander frittata with tomato chutney
Time 20 mins Serves 2

This omelette is inspired by the classic herb omelette. The slow cooking infuses the omelette with the aroma of the green garlic and the garlic bits in contact with the pan get deliciously crisp and crunchy. The Tomato Chutney is the perfect foil that stops the omelette getting too garlicky.

4 eggs, beaten with salt
1 - 2 Tbsp Oil
¼ c Green garlic chopped fine.
¼ c Coriander
1 tbsp green chillies chopped fine

For the tomato Chutney
1 tsp oil
2 tomatoes grated
1 inch piece ginger grated
2 – 3 slices of green chilli
Pinch of sugar
Salt to taste

In a bowl combine the green garlic, coriander and chilli and mix well. Add the egg and mix well again. Heat oil in a frying pan and add the egg mixture. Turn flame to lowest and cook till set. Top with Tomato chutney and serve.

For the chutney.
While the omelette is cooking place another pan on flame and heat oil, add the chilli and allow to splutter. A add grated tomato pulp and cook until liquid is released, let liquid evaporate and add ginger sugar and salt. Cook until the ginger is cooked and its aroma is released.

Photographs by Bharat, Aarti and Mrigaank (www.indiasutra.com)


Marvin Grey said...

Dear Rushina,

I came across your blog about a month ago and I have been reading a few recipes.

I was trying to learn how to make Omelettes the way, airlines serve them. Like on Air India / Indian Airlines in the morning flights. They are stuffed with mushrooms etc.

I am not sure if that type of Omelette is already shown here as the pictures are missing.

If you ever try and experiment with that type of omelette on your blog and I get it right, I will name my first born after you, (if I get married and my wife lets me) :-)

Rushina said...

This has to be the loveliest Comment I ever got. I shall try to do a step by step omlette for you. :)