Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lets Celebrate International Mango Pickle Day aka #Aamachaarday

In continuation of my post on Celebrating more Indian Food Observance days, here is more. One of the first days on the list is International Mango Pickle Day or #Aamachaarday on Saturday, 22 April! A day to celebrate our ubiquitous Aam Achaar, that is made in infinite varieties across the country. From Chunky robust Aam achaars of the north to tender brined baby mango pickles from the south, from the sun cooked Gujarati Chundo of the west to the fiery bhoot jolokia and mango pickle of the North East! Aam Achaar most definitely deserves a day of its own!

What would an Indian meal be without a pickle ...or three to round it out?
Pickles flavor life’s memories for us. And there is an astonishing range to pick from. Every home will have an assortment lined up in ceramic and glass jars in a sunny spot in the kitchen or balcony. Jars that our Mothers or Grandmothers will carefull reach into ever so often, to replenish little pickle cruet sets at the dining table or to pack a bottle for us to take away when we live away from home. Bottles we will hoard and conserve, taking out spoonful ever so often to brighten up a meal of boring hostel parathas or dal rice. Pickles might occupy the tiniest areas of real estate on plates but explode with flavor on palates.

Mango Pickles are ever present!
While there are thousands of pickles in India, every home will have a bottle of their favourite mango pickle or two, ranging from fragrantly sweet to face-puckeringly sour to blisteringly hot. We have as many variations of mango pickles as there are dialects in our country; based on the fruit used, the stage of development its at, the method of preparation; the spices, oils, souring/ sweetening agents and the treatments. But there is also uniformity in this diversity. In the use of spices and the concept of pickles themselves.

Pickling season... 
With March passing the Mango season is here and we are reveling in ripe mangoes and aam ras. But it also means it is mango pickling season! Green mangoes are weighing down trees all over the country, swelling in the summer sun. Ready for some to be picked and pickled. And everywhere women are getting together to pickle them! An annual exercise that has taken place in the hot summer months of India for eons. It is an ideal time to celebrate the Mango Pickle! 
How to Celebrate?
So if you are as crazy about mango pickles as I am let us get together to celebrate International Mango Pickle Day! On 22 April, use the hashtag #Aamachaarday/ @Mangopickleday and share memories, pictures, videos, blogposts, recipes of mango pickles you love, where to find them and those who make them. Have pickle making parties or achaari potlucks and talk about them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, snapchat- everywhere! Let's make our _Aam Achaar_ an internationally recognised dish!

Also - Aam Achaar Day at APB Cook Studio
Also to support #Aamachaarday team APB has invited a few of our favourite pickle makers to teach us how to make their signature Aam Achaars at a pickle exchange. Like women in families get together to make pickles, pickle makers from the extended APB food family are congregating to make their community pickles. On the menu are a Hing Achaar by yours truly, Sindhi ‘Bhendi’ pickle by Usha Wadhwa, Maharashtrian pickle by Saee Koranne Khandekar and Gujarati chundo by my Mom. Rhea Dalal is going to make a Bengali aam chutney. We will make pickles, talk, gossip, share stories and food lore,have a lovely paratha pickle lunch with my Mom’s famous kairi nu shaak and at the end of the day take home a share of all the pickles! We might have 1-2 seats left if one of you wishes to join us, call 42152799 to check! And those who cannot join us, watch us on our Facebook and Twitter channels, where we will share the days activities as they unroll.

Happy #Aamachaarday folks, with all its piquancy! 

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anindya said...

Appreciate this. Wish had some more days notice to participate in this. Pickles are inevitable part of our dinner table so this is going to stir many emotions