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A Chai Pakoda Trail through Mumbai on 30th July for #ChaiPakodaDay

So if you know me, you have to have heard that I have been calling out for all of us to celebrate Indian Food Observance Days recently.  Each of the days has seen more and more excitement! And so I am super excited to share that this month we are celebrating #ChaiPakodaDay on 30th July.
More people than ever before, Food bloggers, food lovers, restaurants and more are coming to gether to celebrate Chai Pakoda Day. And it is not surprising! After all who wouln’t want to celebrate the special relationship between chai, pakodas and baarish we have in India ?

I have been super excited at everyone that’s jumping in to celebrate #ChaiPakodaDay so this time, to celebrate and to do my bit, I’ve curated a little #ChaiPakodaDay food trail of Mumbai on Sunday 30th July (tomorrow). Joining me will be Vernika Awal of Delectable Reveries and Tiyash Sen of The Pressured Cooker. The idea is to explore Mumbai from a pakoda shaped lens!
Our day will begin with a tasting of Anaida’s Sour sweet cherry pakodas at the Soda Bottle Opener Walla, Powai. This is a Irani cusiine inspired pakoda created by Anaida in which sour cherry jam and pistachios are stuffed into sweetened rice ball, crumbed and fried. Its so delicious!

Next on our Pakoda Map is the JW Lounge at JW Marriott, Sahar. They have a new Monsoon Menu that’s fablulous and we are going to dip into a few western fries or firangi pakodas, like beer battered onion rings and fried calamari. (FYI there are also many non pakoda options to try for the rest of you, The lounge is a lovely place to savour the Mumbai monsoon from a dry, luxurious vantage!

Leaving the restaurants behind, we head Santacruz next where a bunch of food bloggers willare gathering for a pakoda potluck. The WhatsApp group for this party has been buzzing with pakoda and bhajiya ideas ranging from the traditional to the quirky so this is going to be quite fun, tasting a mélange of pakodas from communities across India.

Our next stop will be Ladu Samrat at Parel; an eatery that is part of the the varied Mumbai culinary legacy, offering simple but delicious classics like laddus, farsan and fried yumminess.  Looking at grazing through batata vada, kanda bhaji and sabudana vada before we head to our next stop.

Our pakoda map then goes on to Soam, opposite Babulnath Mandir.  It is a habit for many people (me included) to pop into Soam around 4pm for a quick snack of chai and their farsan platter that includes a makai wada, ghugra, dhokla and spinach samosa. On Sunday though, we will sampl the Farali fries from their Shravan menu. And maybe a nibble or two of their sizable bhajiya section with a cup or three of their amazing chai!

And though it is not on the map, after eating all this, I have ambitious plans to end our pakoda trail at Ling’s Pavilion, Colaba with a platter or two of corn curd, wontons and fried deliciousness like only they can do!

If you are in one of the areas, drop in and say hello?

In case you want to step out to celebrate #Chai Pakoda Day, heres whats happening…
Soda Bottle Opener Wala outlets in Mumbai have an ongoing #ChaiPakoda Day festival featuring 5 regional Indian cuisine experts showcasing Pakoda’s from their cuisines. Other outlets in India are offering a free pakoda on every chai ordered on Sunday, 30th July 2017.

Soam at Girgaon has an ongoing Shravan menu currently which features Farali Fries alongside their regular menu. They will also offer a special pakoda with every chai ordered to celebrate #ChaiPakodaDay on Sunday, 30th July.

The O22 at the Trident, BKC has a special menu on for the monsoon, as does the Lounge Lobby at the Grand Hyatt featuring fried treats with steaming cups of tea.

I hope this food trail encourages you to go exploring for pakodas in your own neighborhood. But if you have engagements that day or just can’t head out, Do please fry up a batch of your favourite pakodas,  enjoy it with a mug of chai and if so inclined, take pictures and share with all of us through social media.
Wishing everyone a spicy, crispy and tasty #ChaiPakodaDay!
And do remember to use the hashtag #ChaiPakodaDay.


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