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Mithai Kandie - A Diwali Special Gift Idea from Nordic Kandie and me!

In keeping with all the Mithai conversations, this blogpost is to share the news of a sweet little collaboration between Thea of Nordic Kandie and me. A limited edition box of Indian Mithai inspired Scandinavian confections. But before I tell you about #MithaiKandie, let me tell you about Thea and her company Nordic Kandie. 

Every culture celebrates festivities with sweets. India being possibly the most prolific in this aspect with mithai being an integral part of our cultural fabric… But I digress. As I was saying, every culinary tradition has special sweets. In Estonia, it is marzipan, a confection of almonds and sugar that is one of the oldest sweets made in Estonia. In fact it has been taken to an art form by Estonian confectioners over the centuries. 
Thea Tammeleht is the 6th generation of the Tammeleht family of Scandinavia who have inherited a historical marzipan recipe, passed down through generations. The family had never thought to do anything with the recipe until she married her Indian husband Thomas who came up with the idea of a confectionary business. And it was a no brainer, really. Historically marzipan was an indulgence for European royalty using the finest almonds. But fine confections of nuts and sugar have been a favourite of discerning Indians throughout the ages as well. Our love of Kaju Katli, Badam Barfi and Pista Rolls are testament to this. So marzipan were bound to be loved! They launched Nordic Kandia Magic in India in February 2014 with a line of gourmet luxury marzipan. Their marzipans, made with specially imported raw materials like mamra almonds from Iran, Belgian chocolate and certified edible gold and silver from Italy did very well and they quickly added Belgian Brews chocolates. (these are Belgian chocolate covered croquant).

I had first noticed them back in 2014 when they showcased their products at the UpperCrust show. And even then I remember mentally making the connect with Kaju Katli and Pista Rolls. So it won’t come as a surprise that I was extremely excited to collaborate on a box of Indian inspired marzipans and chocolates when I was approached with the idea. I met Thea and spent time with her till I understood the process of making the marzipans and belgian brews. I was mindful that I was bringing two culinary traditions together and I had to do it with respect for both. But that said it was fun! I did made a few rounds of mithai stores, had to do a lot of research… Oh my GOD it was so tough to eat all that sweet stuff… NOT!!! 

And it did not help that Thea was on a diet and refused to taste (the lady has some fab control!) Much trial, error and more tasting later, we finally put together a selection of 8 flavours inspired by much loved mithais with a twist of spice here and there. When you have a great product to start with, it is bound to work out fabulously, all we now needed was a little sparkle and bling and we were set! So without further ado, let me take you through our collection of lovely handmade confections that bring together the best of two fine culinary traditions and the talent and skills of Thea and myself. Watch a video of the unboxing of the #MithaiKandie box

And here are the flavours!

Rose Pistachio Belgian Brew: ​An indulgent combination of decadent pistachio ​croquant ​and aromatic gulkand dipped in ​green ​tinted white chocolate and​ finished with pistachios slivers.
Kali Mirch Berry Belgian Brew: Berry croquant sandwiched with pepper infused, slightly salted, white chocolate ganache then dipped in ​red tinted ​white chocolate​ and sprinkled with edible glitter​.
Chai Spiced Caramel Belgian Brew: Caramel croquant sandwiched with chai ​infused ganache. Dipped in ​dark chocolate and finished with edible gold.
Cassata Belgian Brew: inspired by the legendary much loved ice cream, this has 3 layers of croquant - berry, pistachio and caramel and the whole is dipped in white chocolate and kissed with the bling of silver dust. 
Saffron Cardamom Marzipan: Because no festive occasion is complete without the scent of saffron... this marzipan ​is enriched with cashew and raisins​ aromatic of saffron and cardamom​, dipped in golden chocolate and finished with gold dust and pure saffron​.
Kaju Kismis Marzipan: ​Cinnamon scented ​marzipan enriched ​with cashews and raisins and​ finished in in swirls of dark and white chocolate. 
Mango Motichoor Marzipan: ​Inspired by the quintessential motichoor laddus in form, ​this marzipan ​pops with the flavour of aam papad and a hint of salt. 
Pista Roll Marzipan: A departure from our usual marzipans, this one is inspired by the much loved pista roll, with a green pistachio croquant, wrapped in white marzipan. Coated in white chocolate, ​dusted with pistachio ​and ​gilded with ​edible ​silver​.​

I have really had a lot of fun putting these together. And I must admit i do love them myself! Not because I have made them, but because they are a little less sweet than mithai itself, without losing on the aromas and flavours. 

To Order 
The #MithaiKandie special edition box from the Nordic Kandie is priced at Rs. 1000 + taxes. 
You can pick it up from their Mumbai store (Shop #1, Vasant Villa, 3 Peddar Road, Kemps Corner, Mumbai 400036. They are open all days from 10:00 am until  9.00 pm) OR phone/WhatsApp: +91 76661 22211. In Delhi call +91 – 9999709700 for appointments. Website, e-mail: and head office phone/WhatsApp: +91 96996 41112

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