Sunday, August 17, 2008

Results of the Hot and Spicy Pakora contest! - with apologies...

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I am so sorry. I lined this up to get published and went of to mom's for a long weekend. I just realized that I lined it up to be published for Aug 15, 2009! I am so so sorry!

Anyways here you are.

Results of the Hot and Spicy Pakora contest!

I am glad that the monsoon in Mumbai finally made itself felt. The last few weeks have been highly indulgent as we tried the host of pakora recipes that were recieved as entries for the Hot and Spicy Pakora contest.

The Roundup of entries -

Mixed Veg Pakoras From Simple Indian Food
Vegetable pakoras with idli batter from Essence of Andhra (great for using up any leftover idli batter)
Potato Pakodas from Cooking up something nice
Photo recipe for piping hot Kanda Bhaji from Solzaire
Maddur Vada from Vegetable Platter
Bread Pakodas from My Kitchen Stories
Bottle gourd bajji and Moong dal pakoras from Plantain leaf
Masala vadas as well as Mirchi Bajji from Mom's recipes
Vermicelli pakoda and Garbanzo bean fritters from Dil se...
Aratikaya Vada and Cottage Cheese Bhajji from Le Gourmet Chef
Corn pakodas from Sumas Cuisine
Paneer Pakoda from Kailas kichen
Baby Corn Pakoras from Spicy Khazana
5-10 Minutes Cream Of Wheat/Rava Pakoda from Few Minute Wonders
Mullu Murungai Keerai Vadai from Me and My Kitchen
Chicken Pakoda from My spicy kitchen
1001 Vada ( Indian Lentil Fritters) and
1001 easy Fritters ( Pakoras) from One Page Cookbooks
Stuffed Bread Pakora from Degchi
Cauliflower & Macaroni Pakora from Bhavana loves cooking sent in a recipe for , Cham from Paneer Karam pakoda from Spice-club
Maggi Fritters from Vegetarian Medley
Vermicelli upma pakoda from My experiments with food

And now the Winners (in no particular order) !!!

Squash Blossoms and Basil Pakoras from Evolving Tastes (The Sqaush Blossom pakoras were not in the running because I couldn't get blossoms)
Stuffed Egg Pakoras from Purvas Daawat
Prawn Bajjes (Pakodas/Fritters) from Jhovaan


I will be in touch about your prizes via email.

Not quite ... but delish!
Illatharasi sent in a recipe for Vegetable Spring rolls which were not pakoras in the actual sense but we loved them.


Purva Desai said...

Dear Rushina!

Many thanks for appreciating my efforts through an award in your contest.

Looking forward to reading more of your write-ups on gastronomy and also the book that you plan to send across.

kittie said...

Lovely round up of pakoras... one of my favourite snacks!

Sunshinemom said...

I saw the squash and basil pakoras - very innovative. Nice party too!