Monday, April 27, 2009

Whenever I do a foodie discovery of any place, I insist on visiting the local markets. There is an energy in a market that is very addictive, not to mention that it offers a great chance to get a close look at all sorts of ingredients.

Here in Singapore these are called wet markets. That is not to say that they are dirty, dingy or stinky as the name alludes. In fact walk in past the fressh fish and meats and all towards the vegetables section and you will be assailed with the aromas of herbs, vegetables and even flowers....

Any market is a powerful place to be! I went to a Malay wet market. the jam packed, stalls, narrow walkways, people bargaining in a singsong foreign language being wonderstruck by all sorts of new fruit and vegetables and sea creatures, Kaffir limes, black nuts used in making malay chicken curry, cuttlefish, fish heads. We grabbed a snack of Curry puffs, jack fruit and sweet potato fritters from a Goreng Pisang stall on our way out.

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