Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Review of Mia Cucina restaurant atPali Naka, Bandra, Mumbai

It took a friend from Andheri to tell me, a resident of Powai, about a neighbourhood gem in Bandra! Mia Cucina.

I've eaten there twice now, both times for lunch. They have outdoor and indoor seating but I am a spoilt woman and I chose the booths that they had indoors both times. And the cosy ambiance was very appealing on both visits.

The menu is charming. It is printed to look like it is hand-written, doodles and all and explains each course generously. Coomprising of dishes that are simple but interesting it offers antipasti (appetizers), zuppa (soup), pastas, pizzas, main course, desserts and non-alcoholic drinks . I didn't bother with the wine list, I was more interested in the food. (I have my priorities extremely clear when it comes to food!)

I have to have soup if it is on the menu, so I started with soup of the day. Chicken with roasted peppers. It was disappointing. It would have been a much more interesting soup if they had peeled the peppers and pureed them instead of leaving the peppers chunky. That left a lot of annoying skin and I am not a fan of skins of tomatoes, peppers and similar debris, obstructing my soup experience. Some sort of cereal to bind things might have helped as well. The Lentil and chicken soup I had on my previous trip was much more enjoyable.

The rest of my menu was a repeat of my first meal,

For starters we had Suppli di Riso - Rissoto balls golden and crispy on the outside and melty cheesy on the inside, better than the first time I ate them when the cheese was not so melty. We also had the fig and feta salad which was a little bit sweet but my gujju genes were pleased. My grouses were that the feta was too crumbly and that the salad could have done with a few chunks of fig tossed in, even dried figs that had been soaked would have worked to add that figgy texture of small seeds that crunch between the teeth. But it was still an interesting salad, not their fault they got me for a patron!

For the Main course I chose the chargrilled beef with mushrooms. Not very innovative for a foodie, I know, but I had liked the stake on my last visit and I dont get it often enough so I indulged. The stake comes with potatoes but I asked for it well done with veggies to substitute potatoes. unfortunately the vegetables were underdone to the point of annoyance but the stake was grilled to perfection, well done on the outside but dark pink and juicy inside. The mushrooms added an earthy underscore tone to the smoky flavour and the sauce was so divine, I sopped up every drop I could!

For dessert I had the white chocolate cheesecake. Smooth and melting in the mouth, with that slightly salty accent that crumbly buttery bases lend classic cheesecakes to balance the mouth feel and the sweetness. Lovely and over too soon. But all their desserts have been winners. Last time I gave in to temptation and tried two cheesecakes so i can vouch for them.

Rating on a scale of 1-10 - I would give it a 6. I would have given it a 7 but cutting 1 for the soup and the undercooked veggies in the main course.

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Mia Cucina, Gasper Enclave, 16/17, St John Street, Pali Naka, Bandra (W), Mumbai; Tel: 67104000; Price: Starters cost between Rs 120-195, mains around Rs 250. A meal for two with soup, starters, mains, desserts and beverages would cost under Rs 1,500. Website http://www.miacucina.in/

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Sam said...

Excellent review. Thanks. Will visit for sure. Samar

The knife said...

Hey, thanks for the review. I'd eaten a couple of times here and I was sort of iffy about it. Wondered if it was too 'evolved' for my tastes. But I did remember having a nice cut of pork last time.

I loved the dessert too...something with chocolate. Off late some folks have praised the desserts at M C.

I pity resturants reviewed by a top chef like you :)

Even I alwayss go for an A C section. I don't think that the grimy streets of mumbai are meant for Al Freso seating.