Saturday, September 12, 2009

What the F! - The things people will do to market stuff!

I was at Rcity Ghatkopar a few weeks ago and couldn't help feeling sorry for this guy. Some brilliant marketing person decided to get this poor guy to wear these horrendous plates of food and walk around to promote stalls at the food court! He is supposed to be a kathi roll in this one but he surfaced in multiple avatars such as a spring roll, a rather unappetising burger and a mess of Chow mein noodles. Hope he was paid lots of money to do this!

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The knife said...

this seems to be copy of an american concept...I remember Jughead walking as a burger, Monica dressed as a chicken in FRIEND's and someone dressed as a banana in the sitcom centred around the Bluth's family, the name skips my mind