Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bombay Spice

For those of you who do nt know, in November, I began to write as Bombay Spice on Poetry of Food, a global food magazine from New York.

I was excited to have the opportunity to be a culinary ambassador of sorts, plating the food of my city, Mumbai and my country, India for food lovers from around the world. Indian food, to my mind has been currified too much. But Poetry of Food is dedicated to the beauty of food, without exoticising it too much and this simplicity of food is celebrated here.

At the same time I was also ecstatic to join a Poetry of food curates some of the most important culinary regions in the world including Melbourne, Beirut, London, Paris, California, and New York.

Poetry of food aims to create stories and recipes that entertain with ingredients and flavors from around the world. Every month the a theme is chosen and a global perspective is taken as we journey on that theme from California to New York, London, Paris and Beirut…all the way down under to Melbourne with a stop in Mumbai (of course) on the same theme— showcasing the amazing creativity that humankind has shown with the flavors and ingredients available to them.

So in November I began with a food promenade through Crawford market in which I showcased the local market I grew up shopping at. Read about my Food Promenade here. And read my December story on the Thali here. In fact I recomend that you register to Poetry of Food to recieve delicious food stories regularly!

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