Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mumbai Food bloggers dinner! Virtual Deliciousness on the Menu!

Mumbai Food bloggers dinner! Virtual Deliciousness on the Menu!

Food blogging has revolutionized the world of food writing. Today people who would not normally write, are writing and people who would not normally read stuff like this, are reading. And the dinner that A Perfect Bite hosted on Friday the 13th of Augustat the Grand Hyatt's new restaurant Fifty Five East was proof of this. Ironically, food bloggers have long been unsung heroes in the world of food writing, considering some of the best food writing comes from these unexpected sources. I remember a time when researching an article meant that one reffered to oodles of books and papers. But throwing something at google can simplify research a lot these days, because of the millions of food bloggers out there, thanklessly toiling to get that post on something delicious up.

I mean think about it, food blogs, are one man (or woman) wonders driven by a solitary individual who eats, buys, cooks, pays, shoots (photos mostly but sometimes even game!), edits and writes, (in addition to holding down a real job and living a real life) to deliver that regular post. It is a tough extra job! An endeavor driven by passion and dedication. (If there was a deity for food bloggers, it would have many hands too). And it is a well known fact that I was a blogger first, and everything else later. Even today I am a blogger first. Yes, I write on food all over the place and do yummtious food projects and all, but I am a blogger first at heart and I still save my best stories and recipes for my blog, (and this is a secret we are not sharing with my Editors)!

So when the Hyatt offered to host a group of my foodie friends to dinner at their new restaurant, Fifty Five East, I thought it was the perfect setting for a bloggers meet. In fact I couldn't have found a more global venue to be a backdrop to this very exciting meeting if I tried! With it's show kitchens that embrace the idea of “eating out of the pan, off the grill and out of the wok”, offering a variety of choices including Thai, sushi, and Lebanese, Indian and Western and a FAB dessert section its made for a gaggle of foodies like us to slowly savour it's charms! I had dined at the Fifty Five East on two occaissions already and it was fast becoming my favourite place to meet with people on occaissions when good food was important to the meeting but should not overwhelm.

After all on the menu today were some of the foodiest of foodies and nothing could distract from that. Here is a taste. I will give you a perfect bite of each of these in the coming weeks!

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Vikram Doctor (who reminded me that he is a blogger too technically! ) - http://blogs.economictimes.indiatimes.com/onmyplate
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Nachiketa said...

Came from Simran's. What a lovely post and space you have.... really enjoyed reading it....
It's nice to meet fellow bloggers :)
That's why, the posts Lunch at Deeba's and Upper Crust Food n Wine Event are my fav :)

The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts - Nachiketa
Catch me on facebook @ Crazy Over Desserts

The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts - Nachiketa
Catch me on facebook @ Crazy Over Desserts

evolvingtastes said...

Oh what fun! Wish I was in India when you had this event.

Shaheen said...

Thank you for hosting this fab dinner Rushinaaa!! :)

Snigdha Manchanda Binjola said...

You've earned so much good karma for this...you've no idea!