Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Rotis at the push of a button! You read it here first!

With Pronoti the Roti Diva and Snigdha of APB

"I am proud to be a global citizen born in India and nurtured in Singapore"

The little Rotimatic that 'prints' a roti every 2 minutes!
One of the qualities that defines an Indian home cook is her ability to make rotis. Even the most untrained girls will be proficient in this skill. Somehow I never learnt. I, am an unmitigated disaster at roti making! A decided handicap when you marry a man from North India where wheat is the staple and the men are raised on robust diets of rotis and parathas! My husband did not think this was a problem, but I despaired, I felt it was a failing. I imagined people saw through the fabulous naans and breads I would order in and serve up at dinner parties and KNOW that I could not make rotis. And when I first gingerly admitted I could not make rotis, I could SWEAR women got this look in their eyes – you know the “you cant make rotis!” look.
And it is not for the lack of trying, I have even dedicatedly spent a week making rotis at every meal to address this lack. So much so that the two adorable men in my life have actually sat me down and gently but firmly told me "we will eat bread, don't make rotis." With all the stuff I cook well now, I get away with calling myself bread challenged and laugh it off, but somewhere in me I still feel the pinch of not being able to make rotis. And I would have felt it for the rest of my life, if not for a lovely lady I met last night.
In a rare straying from routine, I attended the launch of the Your Singapore rebranding exercise last night. I rarely attend social events on weeknights, because they are school nights and mean early mornings. But I wanted to show my support to Singapore Tourism Board. Singapore is a country I love with FABULOUS food and Singapore Tourism board is a tourism body I respect for their professionalism and attention to detail and their new campaign really is lovely (more on that later).
Just as soon as I walked in, I was introduced  to Pronoti Nagarkar Israni. A 25 year old Puneri, who is set to revolutionise my life and the life of millions of women around the world!  You see, Pronoti has invented the "Rotimatic",  the rice cooker for the flatbread eating populations of the world. We bonded almost immediately, both being roti challenged, and entrepueners. And could not stop yacking about her invention. Imagine that someone who invented a roti maker! “It is the size of a microwave, it had to be, and all you have to do is put in refill the wheat and water compartments every few days. The Rotimatic does the measuring, mixing, kneading, making, and baking of rotis, just flick a button and the chapati is ready.”
Later I watched with no small amount of pride as this anassuming, beautiful woman took her place on the stage, and talked about how proud she was to be there, a global citizen that had grown up in India and been nurtured in Singapore.
Pronoti’s company, Zimplistic aims to partner or license with a consumer appliance brand to bring Rotimatic to market in 2010.
Well, we are waiting with bated breath to chuck our Belans Pronoti!
Pronoti's company Zimplistic


Deeba PAB said...

LOL, time for the poor belans to find a new vocation! Can't believe a machine like this! WOW!!

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Lagta hai ab Bombay aana hi padega!

Julian Khursigara said...

I will definately be in the queue to purchase one.
The best invention since the microwave oven!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Thanks Pronoti and team!!

now - WHEN do we get to buy one??

Ani said...

Where can we buy this rotimatic from and what is the price?