Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An Ode to cooking meat - a Kitchen poem ...

I know! 2 posts in one day! But this one I had to put up! I am not a natural when it comes to cooking meat, having learnt only lately. So I derive great satisfaction when a meat dish turns out well. I was experimenting with a Mexican Lamb dish for an upcoming food festival today and as I cooked, I could see things were going well. It inspired me. My newfound discovery of twitter means I am tweeting while cooking dinner most days, and this happened entirely on its own. I usually save my poetry for my non food writing blog, but this is a Food poem so...

That excellent moment...
when meat lets forth its fat,
marries with spices,
and rises to the top,
of the pot,
in flamboyant shiny glory!

Uncover the pot
an orchestra for the nose,
high notes of spice,
that flirt with,

hoarser notes of smokiness
the aroma,

of fat rendering off meat...

You cannot resist, 
a tiny taste.
The morsel,
gives forth its essence,
savory meat juices,
gambol down ur throat,
enflaming in their wake

Flesh melts,
surrendering itself,

to your mouth,
seperating for your teeth,
gliding down your throat...

You mouth waters 4 more
even as your soul sighs

in satisfaction...

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