Monday, August 29, 2011

Men can cook and SHOULD...! And a contest... share a story to win!

Ever since I announced my beginners cooking classes for men, I am being asked but why cooking classes for Men?

Well imagine waking up to this for breakfast...
...or this...
Or a suprise birthday cake....
Cooking together to make healthy treats for happy babies...

waking up to freshly baked bread
collaborating to cook up feasts for friends and family

Having a man that cooks is definitely an advantage, as you can see above.

Somewhere last year, thanks to Masterchef Australia, my husband began to cook. He had always been fascinated by bread making and experimented off and on, but now he bakes bread, cakes, cookies, muffins, pizza bases. He also makes pancakes and has pretty much taken over tiffing making and breakfast for the kids.

And no, I claim no credit whatsoever for this beyond perhaps my obsession with food rubbing off on him. In fact I think I was quite condescending in the early days. I can get a bit snippy when pressed with too many basic questions. But I have come to admire him for his persistence and patience. We still have our issues, like I still can’t understand why he won’t look at a recipes (but then its the same on the road, they will get lost but not ask for directions...)

Men were kept out of the kitchen in my fathers time. I remember the rare occasions when my dad cooked, they were such special times because we saw a different father to the authoritarian we knew. But having Shekhar divvy up kitchen chores, today, is quite frankly a boon. I love it when we work together to make something. And through his experiences, I have come to appreciate many things I had grown jaded about. The world is changing around us, relationship dynamics are changing. Women are matching men step for step in every field. Nut its vice versa as well, my father and older brothers never even knew how to hold babies, but fathers today match women in child rearing step for step. So why not in the kitchen too?

Previous generations might have done things differently but today, as women, we need to realise we are doing our men a disservice by keeping them out of the kitchen. Because empowering men with cooking skills will equip them to look after their health so much better. Cooking means one clues into what one is eating, but it also means that men need not rely on unhealthy options when they have to fend for themselves. And perhaps this will also mean they will make healthier choices with food in the long run. Of course men who cook also make great partners and fathers!

And so I decided to do a mens cooking class, to teach guys a few basic recipes that will result in easy healthy meals that can be snazzed up for their women and simplified for their children but mostly will help them eat a little healthier and look after themselves better! 

“Men Can COOK !”Contest
So here is a contest. Share a story about a meal you've eaten that has been cooked by a guy in your life (who is not a chef or professional), good, bad, funny sad, in the comments section of this post by 10th Sept. The winning entry will win a 50% discount to my beginners cooking class for men on the 18th of September, which can be redeemed by guys or gifted to the man in their lives by women! (Coupon is usable in Mumbai only of course...) So get writing and spread the word!

Info on class 
The class will teach a selection of delicious dishes to mix and match into balanced meals for everyday cooking or snazzy fancy dinners to impress friends, family or other halves. On the menu are - Potatoes 2 ways: Aromatic Parsley potatoes, Spicy Sausage Potato fry, Chicken 2 ways – Pan fried with exotic spices, Pan fried with Creamy wine sauce, Pasta 2 ways – Pasta Alio olio e Pepperoncino, Smoky Chorizo cheese sauce, Basic dressed Salad and Garlicky Buttered vegetables to round off plates. The class costs 2500 per head, there are 10 openings and is scheduled for Date Sunday 18 August, Time – 2-6, Le 15 central Kitchen, lower Parel. To enrol e-mail or call 9769286544. FOR MORE INFO ON CLASSES


Curry Spice said...

This is from my sister. Its very timely your contest. I hope you enjoy her write up on her love.

Sin-A-Mon (Monika) said...

here not that I can use the prize but here are the entries nonetheless