Friday, January 31, 2014

Banoffee in a bottle... #Foodle

The Banoffee pie is an English dessert pie made from bananas, cream and toffee from boiled condensed milk (or dulce de leche), usually layered on either on a pastry base or one made from crumbled biscuits and butter. Some versions of the recipe also include chocolate, coffee or both. Its name is a portmanteau constructed from the words "banana" and "toffee". 

Banoffee or Banoffi became a popular trend in Mumbai a few years ago although I must confess I did not really pay it much attention at that point. I like bananas, to eat on their own, however they didn't excite me in any way. And so I didn't think a dessssert with bananas was anything to get excited about either. I was wrong. Both, about the Banoffee and my lack of excitement about Bananas. I have, since changed my opinion about bananas as well, but that is for another post.

I finally tasted the Banoffee at the Beatle hotel coffee shop way back when it opened in Powai and totally fell for it hook line and sinker! Then one night I found myself craving Banoffee at some ridiculous time. I was a new Mom at the time so going to get the dessert was not an option and to make it from scratch at home was unthinkable. BUT the craving was acute enough to send me rummaging in the kitchen - in one of those serendipitious moments that result in brilliant dishes - post which I came up with what was a rather good ‘instant rendition’ of Banoffee. Always one for quick solutions, it has  been a regular on my menu ever since. Last year I even reworked it into nifty little shot glass version for Godrej Natures Basket Lil Chef cooking workshop series I spearheaded (yes its THAT easy). 

And then more recently I made my Banoffee in a bottle that inspired the above #foodle. I thought I would share it with you today with the photo recipe for the shots

Ingredients - Dulche De Leche or Dulche De Leche Sauce, Condensed Milk, Bananas, Crushed Oat Cookies, and Cinnamon Powder.
Mix 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 100 ml condensed milk and reserve.

chop or crush walnuts and reserve (optional)
1. Using a small spoon put ½ tsp crushed Oatmeal or other white cookie into a shotglass.
2. Pour 1 tsp of condensed milk mixture over crushed biscuit.
3. Add 2-3 thin slices of banana over
4. Drizzle in ½ tsp condensed milk mixture
5. Add some more crushed cookies
6. Drizzle in a little more Condensed milk mixture
7. Add 2-3 more slices of banana.
8. Add some condensed milk mixture AND/OR Drizzle in some caramel sauce
9. Sprinkle some crushed walnuts over the top of you shot. 
10. Serve. 


I have not tried any of these but friends on Twitter shared these places that serve Banoffee Pie, 

@ramjoukani - Out of the blue in Bandra is quite popular for their Banoffee Pie
@MumbaiMag - Churchill does.
‏@jarnagandhi - the leaping window , salt water cafe
‏@kneadwithlove - The pantry, Busago, Cafe churchill
‏@Ktens - Pizza hut
‏@Netra -  Deliciae, the one at Out of Blue, Khar  
‏@KirtikaChandani - Mamagoto. The Lotus Cafe, Busago. I'm sure many more but cant think right now

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