Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Looking back, Looking forward

2013 is over. We are an hour or so into 2014.  Im not much of one for parties and the like for New Years. I prefer getting together with family and friends over a good meal Ive cooked up, cosying up to the husband, cuddling with the kids and savouring the passing of time and the enrichment it brings to my life.

Im not one for resolutions either. I prefer to make promises to myself.

But I am one for reflection. Its important every once in a while to stop and take stock... of where one has reached and where one is going. I used to do this at the end of every year. There are only 3 years since I was 15 that I haven't done this. The years I lost my Dad and brother and last year - 2012 when I was in the vortex of running a new company and dealing with the preasures of juggling that, family and home. It was very difficult. But things took an upward turn in 2013. 

2013 was the year I. ..
- ran APB Cook Studio for a year...
My Nani sees first copy of my book
- curated two short courses at the studio...
- created, curated and TAUGHT my No Reservations World Cuisine course!
World Cuisine Course at APB
- a baking book project I developed recipes for and styled for a client was completed and published.
- designed a revolutionary food product for a large company.
- successfully curated a whole kids cooking module for Godrej Natures Basket. 
- sold my first foodle!
- Got published for the first time!! (My book A Pinch of This, A Handful of That is now on the shelves.) Giving my grandmother her copy was the high point of this year for me.
- mentored my first intern - Shivani Unakar was a joy to have in my life. Wish her the brightest food career possible.
Framed Foodles for sale
Oh there were bad bits too. but overall 2013 has been wonderful year of achiement, and immense promise for the future. Like a fruit slowly ripening, promising succulent deliciousness.... its given  me a hint of whats in store for 2014... and I cant wait!!

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