Sunday, March 23, 2014

Facebook Mornings...

My favourite thing to do is start my day with a cup of coffee and Facebook. Just after I have skimmed through newspaper headlines (which have very little food and a lot of sad stories) I find Facebook brings so much happiness and love. For someone who juggles a lot of stuff, Facebook gives me a chance to catch up on the people I love, see what colleagues are up to, read up on wonderful new things in the world of food, doosles, parenting all on one page…

So here is what made me pause this morning  

- I was jealous to see that my friends Manish and Shilpi took their little foodie son Neo to Sodabottleopenerwalla at GGN. I wish I had had a chance to be there, I smiled to see my friend Saee’s daughter had ‘made tea’ for her Mom and another friend Kainaz had put pictures of delicious looking pies she had baked for her family. I also drooled of over my friend Prachi Joshi (of the blog Delishdirections) #‎lunch of #‎Thai style prawns and veggies with rice noodles.

- Then I mentally filed away this recipe idea for Easter Scoops by my favourite Aussie food writer Matt Preston to do with kids for easter -

- And bookmarked and shared this link from Andaleeb Wajid, author of More Than just Biryani a story of three women in whose lived food is an important player. But being a love story first and food book later, while food plays a central role in it in every chapter, teasing your senses and making you wish you could cook all those dishes too. THERE ARE NO RECIPES. But because all the readers of her book are lamenting over the lack of recipes Andaleeb is compiling her recipes from her mom and grandmom chapter wise on her blog. Here's the first recipe that appears in the book in Chapter 1. *Shaami

- Then I saw a link from someone (forgot whom now) on “a rare sub-species of gastronome: the obsessive” Individuals that seek to master one particular foodstuff; they are in pursuit of an elusive Platonic form and will go to extreme lengths to get it. In some cases the obsession has led to a relevant job or startup; in others it bunks awkwardly with a pre-existing life. Either way, it's never done for the money. It's done because it has to be done - I could not help thinking to myself this is really not so rare – I know many such food obsessive people…..

- I blocked my weekend off for the Great Food show - - not missing that great food party for the world as some of my favoutrite foodies will be there.

- Commented on this rather yummy recipe for Spanish Grilled peppers on Sikandolous cuisine an awesome cooking group run by Atul Sikand on Facebook  and planned to do a batch of grilled peppers this week.

- Read this link that my friend Hoinhu Hauzel shared on Northeast Travel and Life, an online magazine that is devoted to capture the changing face of the Northeast and its people on Manipuri food

- And my friend food writer Monica Bhide’s my first essay for WATTPAD. The essay is part of her brand new series titled "A Life of Spice." How sweet is it that her older son designed the fab cover

- This link shared by Sharmishta had me tearing up

- And my friend Amita Gadre's update “All people not familiar with Indian food, please stop thinking that garam masala is the only Indian masala or that its addition makes any food Indian. Thank you.” Got me tempted to post a diatribe on the curryfying of Indian cuisine but I refrained as I wanted to get on with my tasklist for the day.

Happy Monday people! I hope you have a wonderful week. Today is my day off and my heart is beating extra fast in anticipation of the husband’s return. I’ms cooking his favourites - Arhar Malka dal w/ jambu tadka & garlicky beans, simple home-cooked ghee & love doused khana to sooth the travellers soul but GAH ! On an endless loop in my head from the moment I woke up is - Mera Piya Ghar aaya.... Someone help!


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