Friday, May 01, 2015

How lucky am I? On completing 10 years of Food Writing

This April marked 10 years from the day my first article was published. Often through the month I wondered, what if I had not discovered food writing as a career. Where would I be?

And then today someone asked me if I still had my 1st article. I did. I went looking for it and found the cupboard where I keep all my files of food writing. If one were to physically measure my writing its in those 2 piles of box files. 

As I browsed through the pile of carefully filed articles and papers; shuddering at some of my early writing (Was I that bad?), remembering the people I met, the food I tasted, the places I travelled to… And then browsed the spiral bound rough drafts of my books, diaries of thoughts and observations… I found myself reflecting… and narcissistic as this post might be, I needed to write down how I was feeling….

How lucky have I been? No, seriously! How lucky HAVE I BEEN?

If you went back in time to the clueless 18 year old college dropout I was, who had no idea where life would lead her.  Or the 25 year old homemaker and mother I was.... Id drifted through life upto that point, had a baby to early (only because an older me could have been a better Mom). I loved my life then but the me of today thinks it was an aimless existence. 

With no qualifications whatsoever in journalism or cuisine I blundered into a dream career! I would love to say I was born to it, perhaps as a wide-eyed child at my grandmother’s knee imbibing culinary knowledge as she created wonders in her kitchen, or born with a golden quill in my hand. But I didn’t. I stumbled upon food writing as a career option somewhere in 2003 -2004. And it changed my life. Thank God!

After that, food was where my heart was. Today I live and breathe it. Its given me direction and identity. And ever since I realized that food is where my heart is, I have let it take me where it will. Food blogging, food styling, food consulting, book writing, eventually creating A Perfect Bite Consulting, opening APB Cook Studio, having my first book published.  I have met amazing people, done phenomenal work, met unbelievable challenges and traveled a most unusual path. Along the way I have gained insights and lived through experiences that now define me. Life is a delicious, exciting journey that I am gratified to be living.  Today APB Cook Studio continues to thrive. This year it will turn 3, I will turn 40. And I suspect the next 10 years of my life will be even more exciting!

Thank you to each of you that have been part of this journey I call life.  May you always stay healthy and happy…  




Anjali Koli said...

You are trendsetter Rushina! that was a lovely brief on your achievements and wishing you much more! Keep writing, cooking and treading new paths.

Muskaan A said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!! I came across this blog first time and I am very impressed and inspired !!!