Friday, March 17, 2017

{Announcement} #WorldMacaronDay 2017 collaboration with La Folie

Remember the #MirchiKairi Macaron I made with Sanjana for World Macaron Day last year? 

Well #WorldMacaronDay is back! And I am doing a whole bunch of flavours this year! Yes, Sanjana has allowed me to go completely crazy in her kitchen this year to create a set of signature #APerfectBite @Lafolie Macarons in true Rushina style! (Err.. which USUALLY involves breaking some rules.....). With summer here, I have curated a selection of flavours inspired by memories of an Indian childhood Think tangy Kairi dipped in chilli salt, chilled cumin scented Chaach or fresh Malta squash, now imagine these pops of intrinsically Indian flavours in Macarons! 

Here are the details on the specials, I will update with pictures soon!

#APerfectBite by Rushina @Lafolie Box 

#MirchiKairi Think of a hot summer day, the kachi kairiwalla at the gate of school, scrambling for a few coins, mouth drooling already as you recieve the damp newspaper bundle of green mango doused with salt, eating it on the way home, mouth and lips burning as the sourness make you pucker! That's my Mirch Kairi flavour.

#JeeraChaach is inspired by the chilled cumin scented yogurt beverage flecked with chillies, my grandmothers made me drink in the summer. 

#KadipattaTadka is inspired by my Rascalla Masala, the aromatic flavours of South India, and the fragrance of a hot tadka spluttering on cold coconut chutney.

#MethiChonka is inspired by the pumpkin subzi my chachi makes in Garhwal, sweet pumpkin offset beutifully by the earthy notes of fenugreek and dried red chilli! 

#HaldiDoodh - in memory of all those "Turmeric Lattes" or Haldi Doodh my grandmothers made me drink! I hated the milk part of them so this is a most appealing way to get my haldi dose! 

#BadiyaSantra - Orange Candy on a stick and those chuski's and golas made of orange squash! I still love orange in all forms, but I've given them a slightly more adult twist with a sprinkling of Star Anise and chilli, one of my favourite combos tocook with! 

And because no childhood is complete without it, we have #MasalaMaggi - this one you need to try! 

And that's not all.  There are a whole lot of flavours being curated by amazing food people like Chef Saransh Goila (Thandai) Food Bloggers Karishma Sakhrani (Mango with Coconut Vanilla Bean Cream) Shivesh Bhatia (Yuzu Cream and Hazelnut) Nida Khan (Cookies and Cream) Ankiet Gulabani 9Miso Butterscotch Caramel)  and Alok Verma (Butter Pumpkin Spice). 

All of these special flavours will be availabke at @lafolielab and @lafoliepatisserie on March 20 and 21.  Proceeds from this collaboration will go to iContribute. Don't miss this chance to indulge yourselves and give back at the same time! 

Here are the details - 
Where: La Folie Patisserie in Kala Ghoda and La Folie Lab in Bandra
When: Monday and Tuesday, 20th and 21st March, 2017
Time: La Folie Patisserie - 12 noon to 10.30 pm
          La Folie Lab – 8.30 am to 11 pm
Contact: La Folie Patisserie - +91 9167722181, 022 22672686, 
               La Folie Lab +91 9167937019

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