Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lets celebrate the 1st ever #DalDivas on 25th Jan 2018

Thank you for your support of all the Indian food observance days in 2017!  

It is now time to celebrate the first Indian Food Observance day for 2018. Will you please join me in celebrating the first ever #DalDivas on 25th Jan 2018? 

Dal the dish, finds its place at every table in every Indian household every day. This is the go-to food for most of us whether it is as dal-rice or dal-roti, Sambhar or Rassam or the thousands of variations in between. Dal is such an integral part of Indian cuisine and yet it is taken for granted. On #DalDivas let us celebrate and honour this essential dish and document the different kind of dals that are made across the country, everyday, everywhere! Here are some ideas of how you could explore, discuss, and cook traditional and regional dal recipes of India by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Does your home, community or cuisine, grow and cook specific local lentils and pulses made into dals? Explore the sheer variety of lentils and pulses we make Dal from in India from the Mung, to the Urad, From the Channa to the Lobia. Explore the lesser known dals from regional cuisines like the Bhatt of Kumaon, Tor and Navrangi dals of Garhwal, the Vaal of Gujarat and Maharashtra and more. Cook them and share information on them. 
  2. Make your family’s signature dal, document the recipe, and share it.
  3. Dig up old cookbooks and cook-up an heirloom or long forgotten recipes.
  4. Learn to make a new dal from another community of India.
  5. Gather friends and host a #DalDivas potluck party.
  6. Tired of kids complaining about roz wahi Dal? Have a dal exchange with neighbors, relatives, or friends so that dal bhaat becomes different for dinner that night.  
  7. Can’t or don’t want to cook? Please share pictures, videos or stories and favourite memories of dals they have seen/eaten at homes or the local Dhaba, or a favourite restaurant. Tag those who make the best Dals!
  8. Chefs, restaurants and/or food outlets, why not do a #DalDivas special by making and serving unusual dal which can then become interesting stories for patrons to share on their social media platforms.
However, you choose to celebrate, please use #DalDivas and #LoveMyDal when sharing Dal updates on social media. Lets Make #DalDay special!

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