Friday, April 24, 2009

Salivating over Singapore

Ever since I embarked on my career in food, I have been wanting to do a foodie discovery of Singapore in my unique style, getting A Perfect Bite out of Singapore. You see I traveled to Singapore in my teens, long, long before I actually became a food writer. It was also before I acquired my obsession for all things foodie. But even my untrained palate of that time, registered many flavours I was exposed to.

My first meal on arrival full noodles and slivers of meat redolent of wok hay - the breath of a wok, Curry puffs my cousin brought home to me from the corner sri lankan store stuffed with spicy curry flavoure potatoes, the savoury porridge (conjee) that we had for lunch one day, stuffed crab, leaf wrapped chicken and tom yum soup at a small thai restaurant, straw mushroom bundles and shark fin soup at a fine dining restaurant... ask me the names, I couldn't tell you but I can remember the flavours even now.

So when Singapore Tourism Board offered me the chance to travel to Singapore for the World Gourmet Summit I grabbed it. The chance to participate in the foodiest of foodie events against the backdrop of one of the most mouthwatering cities in the world was one for which I would be willing to sell my hoard of dried guchchi! (No, am not misspelling fashion accesories, those are Kashmiri mushrooms my brother broughtt me from a visit to Kashmir and currently my most treasured culinary posession!)

So anyways, thanks to STB and the food Gods up there that obviously love me, my Guchchi are safe in my freezer, and I am off to Singapore tonight. And I am already salivating at rediscovring all those flavours I remember.

On the cards are

~ a food trail starting from
Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre for lunch followed by Bak Kut Teh sampling at Balestier and onwards to taste the famous fish head curry and round it all off with local desserts from some of the local food centres in the area.

Local breakfast at Maxwell Food Centre.
discovering some fo the last remaining Hainanese coffee shops of old.

~ foodie shopping local ingredients, utensils, some of those fabulous teas etc.

~ a taste of the famous Singapore Chilli crab & black pepper crab.
~ a v
isit to the Peranakan Museum

~ A
Tea ceremony at Tea Chapter, the largest tea house in Singapore.
~ a Culinary Masterclass with Le Cordon Bleu Culinary

Culinary Masterclasses with Chef Heinz Beck, Claudio Sadler

~An Evening with Surreal Gourmet Bob Blumer

~ meals at the Straits Kitchen, Killiney Kopitiam, Yantra, Oomphaticos and the Garden at Sentosa Resorts and Spa

And I will be blogging about it daily from Singapore. Join me right here on this blog to get a virtual look at one of the most exciting parts of being a food writer! Eating at some of the finest tables in the world!

As I said I am salivating already!

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