Saturday, May 08, 2010

A recipe from my Mother's Mother for Mother's day

Apologies, i do not have a picture for this recipe because I just got this recipe. In one of those timely occaisions that life throws our way, I happen to be with my mother and grandmother today on the eve of mother's day working on the chapters on them for my book.

My book, which some of you may know about and others might not is a memoir that explores the things that shaped me as a cook. If you observe a weeks worth of meals cooked in my home, they are a blend of cuisines, ingredients and cooking styles that have come from various places. My book was concieved as a result of one of my biggest regrets. I kept telling myself I would spend time with my paternal grandmother to write down her recipes and never did. And this book has been a journey of discovery. Many instance in its writing have made me stop short to thank my stars for all the good things I have inherited. But today was one of those goose bump inducing experiences - having two generations of my family sharing my living culinary heritage with me.

So as Nani told me about coming to Mumbai as a new bride and learning to use a sewing machine and drive a car, mom told me about not knowing the first thing about cooking when she was married at 18. Mom suddnely threw this recipe at me, that she learnt from her mother. Called Mandarin Cream pudding, she says her mother concocted it to serve as an eggless subsitute for Mouses and it was her fool proof fallback for dessert when she was coping with being a new bride and novice cook. It seemed appropriate to share it with all of you today, make it for your mothers tomorrow celebrate them and remember me to them.

Mom's Mom's Mandarin cream pudding
1 pkt orange jelly
1 large can Pineapple slices
1 small pkt vanilla ice cream

Leave Ice cream at room temprature to soften up. Chop pineapples fine, reserving a few slices for decoration. Use the syrup from the canned pineapples to make jelly and cool. Too cooled jelly add chooped pineapples and melted ice cream and fold together untill well combined. Transfer to serving dish, decorate with reserved pineapple slices and leave some for decoration and refrigerate/

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