Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sister love with lots of food and fun in Melbourne!!

Sister love!
I have always loved Melbourne, so this visit was like coming home. And the part I was really looking forward to meeting my sisters. I am truly happy that they have both settled happily into being married, but I wish it didn’t have to be so BLOODY far away! I miss them on a daily basis! Every time I go to moms and hang out with my brother, Kunal and his wife, Sheetal. Together, the four of us me my brother, and my two sisters Himanshi and Neha are a riot!

I got quality time with both my sisters, although not enough of it was together. My first three days were with my youngest sister Neha and her husband, Mohit. Then I spent the next week or so on various Masala trails activities in Melbourne and Sydney with my middle sister Himanshi. And on my return to Melbourne it was back to Neha’s house. Himanshi’s husand Vishal had a taste of just how crazily food obsessed I can be from my first trip to Melbourne (the poor man!) This time it was Mohit’s turn! (The poor Man!). We bought food, we cooked food, we ate food, we shopped for food books, kitchen gadgets and drove all over Melbourne looking for an icing gun! Mohit, all I can say is welcome to the big fat Munshaw family! Now you know just how crazy I can be!

But seriously, it was great to see them all again. But what was truly special was watching my baby sisters, and the women they have become; balancing their own businesses, running their homes, being the anchor of their own little families. I marvelled that Himanshi, who was always a little tomboy, all scraped knees, crooked pigtails and tanned skinniness could stand up and address a room full of people with utmost grace and poise sleekly dressed in a blazer, then come home, wrap herself in a sari and go off to an Indian function. And that the little baby that we cosset even today, who grew up in front of me, playing with doll houses, today has her own cosy little home that is so beautifully brought together and the most well organised kitchen I have ever seen! I watched them be home makers and wives and I marvelled and I felt PROUD because I know that they are destined for success. But what I am most gratified for, is the men they have found. Men that stand right behind them to support, hold and assist, who will ensure that the paths they choose to trod are as clear as they can make them and be the anchors they need even as they are the wind beneath their wings. Just like Shekhar has been for me.

On the 8th I got this sms from several girlfriends. “boys r stronger than girls!!OH Please!! Can u bleed for a week and survive? Can you squeeze a 14'' baby from a 10cm hole? Can you cook clean and talk on the phone at the same time? Can u live a week on salad? Can u wear 5''heels for the whole day? Can you cry and wake up next morning as if nothing is wrong? I DONT THINK SO. Cheers to us. HAPPY WOMENS DAY! “

Now I do recognise this was not a serious sms, just humor, but it was an emotional time for me and I was perhaps thinking too profoundly. It got me to musing and I want to say that while I do believe that women have a lot of great qualities, but ladies, we are doing the male species an injustice. Especially our men. They might not be able to do all of the things listed above, but there is a lot that they CAN do that we can’t. They can fix anything around the house and in our lives (they are our heros no?), hold fort when we go of on wild adventures, take on the world for us, be our greatest strength, when we are hurting (and often out biggest weaknesses). There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING that can beat being enveloped in your man’s arms, cocooned from the world. The curve of his neck is made to tuck your face into and his hands are made to cup your head and wipe away your tears. And when great happiness comes, when our work is rewarded they are the ones you want to share it with and they are the ones that celebrate YOU with you.

Just like every successful man has a woman behind him, it has been my experience that every successful woman has a man behind her but by that measure every UNSUCCESSFULL woman does as well! Yes we women are amazing but just like the moon needs the night sky to shine, and a diamond needs the right setting to sparkle, we need our men to truly make us realise our full potential.Here's to the men in our lives... Fathers, Husbands, brothers (and brothers in law!), friends and sons

Sisters Bond over Sushi!

Thencha Potatoes that I trialed along with garlicky Buttermilk braised chicken for dinner the first night, will do a seperate post on this as well.
I unleash my foodie side on prro unsuspecting Mohit!
The spread I cooked Citrus Pork chops with Star Anise and Chilli, Green Peppercorn Lamb chops, Sweet Corn in Green chilli and peppercorn butter. (Will do a seperat blog with the details and recipes!
The SBS Food Journey starts!
Mohit hasd the camera at this point, we had to remind him that there were other things that needed to be clicked!
The awesome Vishal Luhar who has eaten my cooking and lived to tell the tale! LOL Coolest marketing person Masala Trails ever had! Owe you a Thai Curry!
The adorable Luhars - Himanshi and Vishal!
The Munshaw sisters get to work at the SBS food journey!!
Blazers, Chiffon and Pearls for Breakfast with the Raj, Launching Beacon and Masala Trails in Sydney!
The Luhars
The Bajajs!
Mrs Bajaj urf Bulbul Pandey!

Vietnamese Pho (recipe Below) I discovered this addictive Vietnamese dish on my first trip to Melbourne and I had to have it the moment I landed so it was my first meal in Melbourne.

Phó (Vietnamese Noodle Soup – chicken or veg version )
The ultimate comfort food this soup is delicate but filling; fragrant
and satisfying--and historically interesting. Phó means "your own
bowl"--that is, something that you garnish and eat individually, not
to be shared, as most other Vietnamese dishes customarily are.
150 gms rice noodles (these can be the real thing, banh phó, or rice
sticks or any rice noodle at all. You can also use normal egg noodles.
8 cups light chicken or veg stock (Or 8 cups water with 2 stock cubes
dissolved in them).
I tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 Tablespoon lime juice
2-3 Tablespoons fish sauce (available all over)
2 – 3 boneless chicken breasts
For the Accompaniments: ¼ cup green onions, sliced; ½ cup basil; 2
cups fresh beansprouts; 6 lime slices; finely sliced jalapeno peppers
if you want and nuoc mam, 2-3 Tablespoons fish sauce (available all
Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper and lime juice and
reserve. Place water, ginger garlic paste and stock cubes in a large
pot and bring to a boil. Add chicken breasts and cook for exactly 12
mins by which time they will turn white and opaque. Remove and
reserve. Add noodles to boiling stock and allow to cook through.
Meanwhile slice up chicken and arrange green onions, basil, bean
sprouts, chiles, and lime slices on a platter. When ready to serve,
distribute the noodles evenly among deep bowls, top with chicken and
the hot broth, serve immediately, with the platter of accompaniments,
nuoc mam, and chili sauce on the side.


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Your sisters are lovely!
Pho is my favorite too!

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Holiday got off to a lovely start thanks to Neha and Mohit. Thanks for putting me onto them Rush