Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Celebrating International #Masaladay on 20th May

What makes something taste Thai, Italian, Mexican Or Indian? What makes something North Indian, South Indian Kashmiri, Kerela style, Gujarati, Bengali or Assamese? 

The Masalas or Spices!

So #Aamachaarday was a great success and it looks like #PapadBadiDay is going to be too. And I am aware that I am going to get a bit annoying soon (although I hope not, because I am just beginning to have fun!) But my Indian Food Observance days follow the Food Calendar on India, so I have no choice but to celebrate #MasalaDay or #SpiceDay on 20th May. 

Because the height of summer in May is when a lot of food production takes place. Ingredients are sun dried and most importantly quintessential Masalas are made and stored to flavour our meals throughout the year. Let us mark this time with a specific day to stock up on our masalas, celebrate our food traditions, and celebrate the unity in our diversity by making our masalas and cooking with them! 

Protein, carbohydrates, fibre, beans, meats, rice, noodles, cooking fat, breads all form the bulk of a cuisine but the definitive factor, the 'tastemakers' that characterise a cuisine are the spices or Masalas it uses. And every cuisine in India has specific spice combinations and spice mixes that characterize them. From the Ver of Kashmir to the Sambhar Masala of the South, from the Methiyu no Masalo of Gujarat to the Panch Phoron of Bengal. And thousands of Masalas in between as cuisines branch into various dialects. The hot summer month of May is when communities all over the country dry and grind the spices and spice mixes that give their cuisines characteristic identity. Let’s celebrate our Masalas on May 20, International #MasalaDay or #SpiceDay to mark the ethos of Indian food. Because our cuisine could not be without its Masalas!

On May 20 #MasalaDay celebrate by:
-          Making your own Masalas for the year.
-          Chefs, Restaurants and food outlets can add a special based on a specific Masala, tell the story, to their customers and share it on social media. Give away packets of the masala to patrons that dine with you that day. 
-          Use the hashtag #MasalaDay #SpiceDay on 20th May and share what you are cooking, the memories of the masalas your family makes, recipes and stories of making Masalas, dishes that are made with those masalas and how they flavour your food and your memories.
-          Get together with family and friends at potlucks to cook traditional dishes made with the masalas in your cuisines.
-          Have a food exchange. Get together with friends to exchange masalas with one another so everyone gets to try each other’s Masalas.

The #MasalaDay #MasalaExchange 
Remember the popular Book Exchange? This time, I am taking the celebrations for #MasalaDay online. To celebrate #MasalaDay on 20 May I am starting a #MasalaExchange #SpiceExchange so we can all learn more about one another's food. 

What participants have to do:
1. Make a packet of your family's or cuisine's signature Masala/Spice mix. Add a note about its use and a favourite recipe.
2. Send it to a stranger (I’ll send you a name and address).
3. Share when you receive the Masalas you are sent and what you do with them on your blogs or facebook.

You will only be sending one masala to two people. (the stranger and me).
Depending on how many sign up here, you will receive a few masalas in return.
Leave a comment with your email if you want to participate and I’ll inbox you the details.


Aparna Parinam said...

Hi Rushina, I would like to participate!

Unknown said...

Hi my mother would like to participate cud u please me the details my email is tsejal88@gmail.com