Monday, May 08, 2017

Lets celebrate International #PapadBadiDay on 13th May 2017

After the wonderful reception #AamAchaarDay recieved, let us get together to celebrate #PapadBadiDay this May. According to the Indian food calendar, the height of summer in May is when a lot of food production takes place. Quintessential ingredients like papads, and badis/badiyaan/wadis are made and stored to supplement our meals throughout the year. 

Papad or poppodums which need no introduction and wadis or badis (sun dried lentil and/or vegetable dumplings) have been an important supplementary food in Indian cuisine and the food calender of India. Historically dried in May when the summer heat is at its peak, papads and badis are and stored for use in Monsoons and winters when vegetables might be scarce. And most Indian regional communities follow this tradition and dry their own varieties of papads and badis based on the ingredients they have to hand. Lets all get together to celebrate this food tradition unique to India and the variety of papads and badis we have in India with International #PapadBadiDay and mark the tradition on Saturday, 13th May 2017.

You do not need to be a food bloggger, writer or chef. You just have to love food! Here are some things you can do! 

1. Make and talk about your family or community’s papad or badi dish and share it on social media. Or try a papad or badi you may never have tasted before.
2. If you are a chef, own food outlet or a restaurant you can have a special dish on that day featuring papads and badis and encourage your customers to try it by talking about it on social media.
3.  Get together with friends to make them a variety of papads and badis.
4. Have a potluck and cook up dishes with papads and badis from different communities so everyone can taste different things. 
5. Use the hashtag #PapadBadiDay on Saturday, 13th May 2017 and share what you are cooking, your memories, recipes your family makes and stories or dishes around papads and badis.
6.  Have a food exchange. Get together with friends to exchange papads and badis.

International #PapadBadiDay PotluckAPB Cook Studio
To support #PapadBadiDay, APB Cook Studio is hosting a potluck at the studio at which regional cuisine evangelists from the city will gather at the studio with papad and badi based dishes from their communities. On the menu so far are specialties from Punjab, Uttaranchal, Gujarat, West Bengal among others. We have a few seats left (limited) so if you would like to join in, do get in touch. 
Date: Saturday, 13th May 2017 Time: 12pm-2pm Venue: APB Cook Studio
For more details, please call us on 022-42152799 or email us at

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