Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Here is your legit excuse to eat Pakodas! Celebrate #ChaiPakodaDay with us on 30 July!

I am back! 

This time I am asking you to celebrate #ChaiPakodaDay on 30 July 2017. 

THIS TIME I am giving you a legit excuse to indulge in Chai Pakodas!

So far we have celebrated #AamAchaarDay, #PapadBadiDay, MasalaDay and #PulaoBiryaniDay. With each of these millions of people have cooked, eaten and shared recipes, stories, memories and celebrated these foods around the country and abroad. And with each day we have hade more and more people organising events around them. In fact for #PulaoBiryaniDay which just went by on Sunday, 25th June  we had Food lovers across India celebrating. In Chennai we had home Chef Sribala cooking a Jackfruit Biryani, organizing a Potluck and taking us on a tour of South Indian Biryanis. In Indore Chef Amit Pamnani organized a pot luck. In Mumbai Chef Ashish Bhasin and I came together to curate a ‘Biryani Trail through India’ for a group of food aficionados at Maya, the Indian restaurant at Trident, BKC.

Why? What will you get?
This is not an agenda driven celebration. Its simply a celebration of monsoons and our collective belief that “Baarish mien Chai pakode to bante hai”, so you do not need anyone’s permission to participate or any agenda. You just need to love chai+pakodas and Indian monsoons…. 

The chai can be any chai, or even coffee (With Kerala style Banana Fritters... YUM) if that is your tipple, and pakoda can be any fried morsel of goodness to match your favourtie tipple. 

What? Oh you are watching your weight? Well consider this, you don’t want to get too light, you might float away on a rainy day! Ok seriously one cheat day, is ok…. And if that is not convincing enough then air-fryer zindabad! 

So come on, and join a whole lot of us in celebrating #ChaiPakodaDay on 30th July. You can do this in a variety of ways. 
No time or don’t cook? 
Order your favourite chai and pakoda pairing, and share on               social medie, using the hashtag #ChaiPakodaDay. Also feel free to share memories,       recipes your family makes, stories about chai and pakoda moments, links to recipes. Just use the hashtag.

Fry up!
If you have time (it’s a Sunday) fry up a chai pakoda combo that is personal/ family favourite or popular in your cuisine. Tweet about it using #ChaiPakodaDay.

Chai Pakoda Meetup 
Get together with family and friends for Chai and pakodas, at home, your favourite tapri, monsoon adda or corner restaurant.

For Food Businesses 
Chef's, food outlet owner and restaurateur, do consider a Chai Pakoda Festival. A special menu or a small offer maybe eg. (Soda Bottle Opener wala did a great promotion for #PulaoBiryaniDay by giving away free drinks for every Berry Pulao ordered and selfie tweeted on #PulaoBiryaniDay.) And Food people / businesses, if you are doing any sort of public meetup, please share it with me so I can make a list and pass it on! 

Use the Hashtag!
Or you are an aloo! Ok seriously just remember to share whatever you do using the hashtag #ChaiPakodaDay. (And even if you don’t want to, just have the Chai Pakodas in solidarity!) 

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